Autonomous ride-hailing technology has captured the public’s imagination and will present both a paradigm shift in consumers’ everyday lives and a boon for savvy investors staring at a market that could be worth $14 trillion in value by 2029, according to ARK Invest. The thematic fund manager’s Tasha Keeney recently stopped by Livewire’s offices to discuss how this theme - along with drone technology and 3D printing - will transform the world this decade.

“We estimate that an autonomous taxi will cost 60 cents per kilometer – that’s roughly half of the cost of using your personal car and it’s also much cheaper than a taxi. If you live in the city, chances are you won’t need to own a car.”

But with any major industrial revolution-style change comes disruption to other players, and here Tasha discusses who will feel the pain and the one stock set to gain from your imminent ability to stream movies from the back of your robot driven car.

Not everyone sees the next big thing coming

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Charles Dalziell

Fantasy investing is alive and kicking.

Charles Dalziell

I don't understand the "Tesla advantage" for logging miles. Surely Google and Apple have more road data with billions of smart phones tracking drivers by maps all over the world. Tesla surely is only mapping roads between rich suburbs like Mosman and St Kilda and CBDs

Carlos Cobelas

hell will freeze over before I submit my life into the levers of a robot driven car.