In the last two videos Tasha Keeney, US-based analyst for thematic fundie ARK Invest, has shared fascinating insights on how Star Trek-like technologies like driverless cars and drone ambulances are about to change the world. In her third iteration on thematic supertrends, Tasha discusses 3D printing, which promises to revolutionise the manufacturing process by collapsing the time between design and production, giving designers the ability to create radical new products with less waste and at a fraction of the cost.

“End-use products – 3D printed parts that go into the final product – is an about US$500 billion opportunity and we think it’s only 1% penetrated today.”

Here, she explains the theme to the uninitiated, how it could disrupt the aerospace and healthcare markets, and ARK’s top stock for the sector.

Not everyone sees the next big thing coming

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Bill Burke

Speaking to a Victorian policeman the other day .. 3d printed number plates on a stolen car, and a bloody good copy using his words.