Marcus Padley

Thanks Jeremy very interesting

Ashain Perera

Great insights Jeremy!

Jess Paul

Thanks Jeremy I have been patiently waiting for someone to cover the topics you have addressed. I do like the Japanese Freee... what do you think of smaller asx listed players in the cloud service space such as Over the wire which is majority owned by its management, or Livetiles with a runway of potential growth?


local smaller player such as 5GN and LVT, thought?

Jeremy Gibson

Thanks for the comments and interest with a few interesting companies mentioned above. However, Munro Partners is focused on global growth stocks with larger market cap and greater liquidity. Some of the key factors to look for outside of management alignment are 1) Revenue growth + FCF Margin >40; 2) Dominant position in their vertical/field that is likely to get stronger with network effects; and 3) Low penetration of a large Total Addressable Market.