cloud computing

Peter Wilmshurst

In the past companies used to buy a database, install it on their hardware, and deploy it locally. But what we've seen over the last few years is the rise of cloud computing, a significant evolution in the way in which we save, store and access data, and that has... Show More

Nick Griffin

Corporates are now spending heavily on digital transformation, not just for growth, but for their very survival. This creates a tailwind for providers of cloud computing, data analytics, and AI. Here we look at the winners from this theme, as well as the winners from two other powerful themes for... Show More

Robert Frost

Data centre operator, NextDC, re-rated after reporting a strong result, which demonstrated the operating leverage in the business model. Revenue grew 36% to $56m but the company reported EBITDA growth of 110% highlighting the high fixed-cost leverage, which is one of the key attractions of the stock. Show More

Chad Slater

The first blog on the road was from Texas. The second week looks at San Francisco, a city arguably at the peak of its power with money and power flowing to the many new technology stocks based there. We review some of the interesting themes that emerged from the Merrill... Show More

Glennon Capital

ASG Group Limited (ASX:ASZ) is an Australian IT Services company which services predominantly blue chip and government clients. The business employs about 800 people, with a presence in every state. ASG has a market capitalisation of $213 million and long term contracts spanning several years. Pleasingly the renewal rate on... Show More