There’s never a dull moment as an emerging markets investor, says Rohit Chopra, Portfolio Manager at the Lazard Asset Management Emerging Markets Equity Fund. Being successful in emerging markets requires strong conviction, and the patience to ride out volatility. Watch the short video below to hear more.

“You have to be able to be comfortable being uncomfortable.” 


Attributes of a great EM investor:

  • You need to be comfortable being uncomfortable
  • You must be a student of history
  • You need to be self-aware
  • Familiarity with the full capital structure – i.e. understand debt as well as equity
  • Finally, you have to be patient. 

In a world where relatively few financial assets can be considered cheap, we believe emerging markets pose the greatest value. Find out more 

Peter A

Very nice to listen along to, though a little brief. I'd like to see more content from Lazard in future.