The month of December is Unusually kind to QBE Insurance Group

Probability Trader

The month of December is Unusually kind to QBE Insurance Group. Over the past 23 years it would appear that the Christmas period is unusually kind to the stock price of QBE. Since 1990, QBE has delivered an average December gain of 5.36%, with 19 up months & 4 down months. This mean return of 5.36% for December is 5 times greater than the average monthly return of 1.08% & is statistically significant at well north of the conventional 1 in 20 by chance level. Interestingly, when QBE had posted strong returns of 20% plus for the calendar year to November, December returns were slightly enhanced, providing an average gain of 6.14% with an unblemished win rate of 10 from 10. Based on the historical record, QBE is probably a stock for your stocking. Full data analysis at (VIEW LINK)

Probability Trader

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