Mark Dawson

Nice article Tim. it's good to look right across the board. I wouldn't be trying to pick up any cheap stocks just yet. The bottom of this roller coaster may have a way to go. Best wait about two or three months from now, let the cards play out and then selectively buy back in. However I do agree with the gold bugs, shares in yellow metal are currently cheap and I'd still be buying some of the gold producers now.

Michael Whelan

Tim - if there's a lock-down and people can't get into work, we may find on-line shopping figures jump..... As the KKC presentation says ".....The flight to quality trade has gained velocity...." - which obviously includes investors dumping KKC.

Joan Woodruff

I did appreciate your comments however there has been little comment on the ETF category and it would be useful to know how they fare in the correction we are having. eg liquidity, volume etc

Michael Whelan

Hey Judith - On LW within the past day or 2 or 3, Rodney Lay of IIR wrote a good article on ETF impact.