Ian Todd

I own a small suburban pharmacy with a small lab for making bespoke medications. While it’s true demand was phenomenal through March it has fallen 80% in April as supply has also boomed. This will be like Coles’ and Woolies’ boom in toilet paper sales. It too will pass leaving plenty of cheap sanitizer available to clean up the mess.


I agree with Ian plenty of supply now

John Whelan

Ian, thanks for your analysis above. The sector I think will rap some long term benefits, But more analysis on respective products needs to be done, e.g. Zoono has available technical reports on their product which was originally designed by Du Pont for use inside US submarines. the pricing of their product on their website has not changed for some years and this company desperately needed that revenue. It will be interesting to see whether Zoono and the other suppliers you mention you can convert this opportunity in to a long term strategic advantage.