Gavin Wendt

The performances of resource sector heavyweights BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto over the past three months indicate that the initial shoots of a resource sector recovery might well be underway. BHP has recovered from a low of $30 to a current price around $37 (a 23% recovery), whilst RIO has recovered from a low of $50 to a current price around $62 (a 24% recovery). The recovery has been generated by better economic news emanating from China, coinciding with solid performances by key commodities. The lack of new project development now, particularly due to the funding crisis, is sowing the seeds of the next leg of the resources boom.


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James Marlay

Gav, I am going to be in Perth next week so very interested in what the conversations will turn out whilst I am in town. I'll be sure to let you know but something of interest to me is the funding coming into some of these juniors from the R&D rebates. Money that couldn't be raised in the market right now...

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