Thoughts on Facebook as a business While I wait a few more hours for the Fed release on the future of interest rate policy, I wanted to pen my own experience with using Facebook as a medium for publishing this blog and generating interest from other Facebook users, a day after the giant social network reported $3.2 billion in third-quarter revenue. I love Facebook as a free social product. But as an experiment, I paid for advertising to increase the reach of a blog post back in September. I know I am a strange one, but the new followers I obtained after coughing up money to reach new users were even stranger. Clicking through the comical names and even stranger profile pictures made me think that it was all a crock of sh!t to be paying good money for such exposure to be honest. It made me question whether I was paying for exposure to fake profiles, surely that can not be true!? Then i started getting these attractive offers. Which I of course did not proceed with. Read more... (VIEW LINK)


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James Marlay

We like your blog Dan, even if the folks on Facebook don't ;-)