Roger Montgomery on the property market, Marcus Padley discusses investment themes, and Dean Fergie talks tourism stocks. Here are three things you should read this weekend.

Another signal a bubble is forming?


Debating the outlook for the property market has become somewhat of a national pastime, but Roger Montgomery always adds an interesting perspective to the subject. Washington H Soul Pattinson is one of Australia’s oldest and most respected investment firms, with a history dating back nearly 150 years – so there might be some truth in their claim of a “Once in a Century Retail Investment Opportunity” in their sale of 160 Pitt Street, the company’s head office since 1885. In this article, Roger Montgomery looks at what this means for the property market. Read the article here:  (VIEW LINK)


How to pick stocks: Investing themes


In the first of a four-part series, the always-candid Marcus Padley provides a straightforward lesson on top-down (or “macro crap,” as he calls it) analysis, vs bottom-up analysis (stock picking). The piece provides a strong foundation, which he builds on in parts 2-4 (available for free by clicking through at the bottom of the article). Of particular interest was the ‘how-to’ on thematic investing, and in the final part, he provides some themes to watch. Read the article here:  (VIEW LINK)


Two stocks benefiting from tourism tailwinds


With the AUD holding below 80 US cents, and the relative safety of travelling in Australia, Dean Fergie, Director & Portfolio Manager at Cyan Investment Management, thinks the tourism sector remains attractive. In keeping with the idea of investing themes, he shares two ideas that fit with the tourism theme. With growth, synergies, and acquisitions, it’s a bottom-up story too. Watch the short video for his view on Sealink and Skydive the Beach. Watch the video here:  (VIEW LINK)


Chart of the week


The next move in the war on deflation


As the idea of further rate cuts and asset purchases by central banks begins to fall out of favour with investors, it seems a new type of stimulus has been gaining traction with the investing public. 


How to read financial news

The Chartered Financial Analyst Institute recently shared a great blog post on how to get the most out of financial news. Check out their 'best practice' tips here:  (VIEW LINK)


How executive pay, board diversity, and ownership effect returns


In recent years, research has identified a number of factors that affect firm performance. In this Exclusive, we look at three of these factors, and Dr. Kym Sheehan provides background on some large-cap high-flyers and underperformers. Access the article here:  (VIEW LINK)