Transformative tool for brokers. Picture this: a stockbroking firm struggles to encourage high-net-worth clients to move funds from cash to equities in a sluggish market. Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), until recently, have been scarce and stock in the best deals, such as placements, is almost impossible to get. And when the firm raises capital for a company, its largest institutional clients usually get the largest share allocation, sometimes leaving high-net-worth investors and medium-size fund managers with scraps in good deals, and too much stock in bad ones. Retail advisers feel their clients are being used as cannon fodder to make up the numbers. Now consider a different scenario using ASX BookBuild, a world-first tool that enables companies -- working with their lead manager -- to price and allocate securities in equity raisings using ASX infrastructure and proprietary technology developed by On-Market BookBuilds. - See more at: (VIEW LINK)


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