There is genuine fear in Silicon Valley over Trump. Google’s Eric Schmidt, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Tesla’s Elon Musk have all spoken out against him in the election run-up. The Wall Street Journal quoted one advisory firm’s note which stated Trump’s election could re-ignite the debate on technology’s role in displacing workers – for example autonomous vehicles taking jobs from truck and taxi drivers. Obama was one of the biggest boosters of tech, but Trump has been vocal about the valley in his campaign, and not in a good way. He called for a consumer boycott of Apple over its refusal to help the FBI access a terrorist’s iPhone. He also said that Jeff Bezos was using his personal ownership of the Washington Post to advocate against him. At the same time, he has been saying that he will force these companies to pay their fair share of tax Companies are generally priced on the basis of a full tax rate, so this shouldn't change prices. Still, with the Donald, it’s the thought that counts. Read more here (VIEW LINK)


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