Michael Whelan

Garry - Good article until you strayed off the reservation in your 'Conclusion' section. Really un-necessary and added nothing to the article, in fact, detracted from it.

Mark Dawson

Great, thanks Garry. I like Perpetual Investments. You guys do a good job. Some good stock picks here.


More Trump bashing! The course of least resistance and the safe drive by is always criticize Trump! "Spain and Italy saddens me". No criticism of their leaders! "Even France is being forced to airlift patients". No criticism of the French leader! Why is that Garry? "Fortunately many states have ignored Donald Trump". My understanding of the US health system is that it is run by the states not the Federal government. Like in Australia each state in the US has responded with different measures depending on how severe the outbreak. It has nothing to do with Donald Trump! My understanding is that as President he has the power to sign off on bills passed in congress such as the stimulus package. Reports on that were difficulty getting the Democrats to initially agree. If I am factually incorrect on anything above please correct me. The criticism of Donald Trump has nothing to do with his policy positions it is because the Trump naysayers don't like him!

Ian Rogerson

Wow, these Trump fanboys are super sensitive, aren't they?


No Ian not supersensitive. Just sick and tired of people criticising Trump regardless of what he says or does because they don't like him! It is politically correct to bash Trump and pile in. The issue around Trump is never factually commenting on what he actually says. The above article praises China. There have been plenty of stories circulating that China has covered this thing up right from the start. Ian the attack from you comes at me because I pointed out criticism in the above article was biased. Tell me I am wrong for what I said not that I am a Trump supporter!