Twain, Louis Vuitton, and the problems with valuations

Martin Conlon

The markets continue to look like Louis Vuitton – where the glamorous and sparkly are eye-wateringly priced compared to the ordinary. Wealth inequality means an increasing percentage of the population will baulk at the ridiculous price of anything, and the same should apply to stock prices. Show More


Asian Equities series: Part 4: What are our top picks?

Peter Wilmshurst

In the last part of this video series, we discuss how we are finding opportunities in Asia that may be surprising. Show More

What makes a stock double?

Livewire Exclusive

Finding the next a2 Milk is no easy task; there’s no sure-fire way of identifying which stock will go up 500%+. However, each year there are a number of small caps that at least double, and these stocks have some defining features that investors can look for. Show More

Chart Of The Week: US PE10 Valuation Ex-GFC

Callum Thomas

This week it's the PE10 and the impact of the financial crisis. Specifically what we're looking at is how the PE10 or CAPE (Cyclically Adjusted Price to Earnings) ratio would look like if you excluded the impact of the crash in earnings during the financial crisis. The bottom line is... Show More

financial crisis s&p500 valuations cape us stockmarket PE10

A time to buy profits not hope

Andrew Fleming

The rhythm of life is no different to the rhythm of economic and corporate cycles. The optimism of birth, the excitement of growing up, the cynicism arising from the compromises that come with maturity, the tumult of unfair turns and the joys of victory, all in turn impacting upon performance.... Show More

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What does a pair of jeans and the US Post Office have in common?

Tom Stevenson

Little on the face of it, but from an investment perspective quite a lot. They are both second-order beneficiaries of someone else’s investment boom. The jeans manufacturer grew out of a dry goods business set up in San Francisco to supply the thousands of hopeful miners who flocked to California... Show More

valuations amazon disruption

Valuations, and the rewriting of a proverb

Martin Conlon

A2 Milk has posted great results with an almost 50% increase in revenue, but it strengthens the perspective that many valuations of businesses remain disconnected from whatever levels of cashflow are evident. It’s as if a bunch of birds in the bush are better than one in the hand. Show More

valuations schroders ASX:A2M

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How the rotation into unloved assets is boosting energy valuations

Nader Naeimi

I’m going out on a limb and calling it now: 2018 will be the year of the unloved asset. In particular, investors in the oil and the energy sector will be well placed for a reasonably strong bounce back in the first half of this year, a shift that’s already... Show More

energy valuations amp capital

Global Equities: The Top 10 PE10

Callum Thomas

Here's an updated scan across countries and regions to find the top (and bottom) PE10, and follows on from a previous version I shared back in August last year. Briefly on methodology, the PE10 is a stock market valuation metric which compares the stock index to the average earnings of... Show More

valuations global equities investment strategy

Livewire Summer School: November rain, and insurance claims

Livewire Exclusive

Guns N’ Roses released their first debut album titled “Appetite for Destruction” in July 1987. Three months later one of the most violent and unexpected equity market corrections in US history occurred. The Dow lost 22.6% of its value on Black Monday, and the causes behind the dramatic fall are... Show More

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A bright outlook for Japan

Nikko Asset Management Australia

We often read that Abenomics continues to divide people as to whether it is working, and if this policy platform advocated strongly by Prime Minister Abe since his election in 2012 will ever achieve its objective of moving Japan’s economy forward. We believe that Abenomics is working, however we feel... Show More

japan inflation abenomics valuations rates

GMO: The good old days of value investing

Alex Cowie

In his excellent new quarterly letter, ‘Oh, the good old days’, Legendary value investor, Jeremy Grantham, rips into the reasons and ramifications of the richly valued S+P500 that has had an average PE 65% higher in the twenty years since 1997 than the period before. He blames abnormally high US... Show More

profits value investing gmo leverage valuations rates

Weekly S&P 500 #ChartStorm - 18 Dec 2016

Callum Thomas

Those that follow my personal account on Twitter will be familiar with my weekly S&P 500 #ChartStorm in which I pick out 10 charts on the S&P 500 to tweet. Typically I'll pick a couple of themes and hammer them home with the charts, but sometimes it's just a... Show More

Weekly S&P 500 #ChartStorm - 11 Dec 2016

Callum Thomas

Here's the latest weekly S&P500 #ChartStorm. In this edition I include a broad mix of charts with some flagging bearish signals, and others presenting a more bullish case. They include: 50-day moving average breadth, an interesting analog chart, a couple of views of investor sentiment, the implications of the CBOE... Show More

Why passive ETFs are likely a poor bet moving forward

Nathan Bell

Passive ETFs returns have been strong, fees have remained low and exposure to the most popular technology stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google – the FANG stocks) has been a boon for investors. Passive ETFs have become so popular that they’re potentially becoming victims of their own success. The FANG... Show More

BetaShares Technical and Fundamental Outlook for the ASX 200 Index

David Bassanese

Our outlook for the S&P 200 Index this quarter remains weak. Valuations are still far from cheap territory and corporate earnings are still under downward pressure. As can be seen in the chart below, market prices continue to languish below the market’s previous uptrend line that had been in place... Show More

If it’s just a (severe) correction are we at/near the bottom?

Livewire News

This is impossible to know with certainty in advance. Our view remains that further falls and volatility in next few months could occur as worries regarding China and emerging markets linger, concerns about whether the Fed will raise interest rates soon will remain and seasonal weakness continues into September/October. However,... Show More

valuations shane oliver

Bearish on China, but bullish on Chinese equities

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

Bearish on China, but bullish on Chinese equities: Kay Van-Petersen (VIDEO) Show More

equities banks China valuations rates

Oppenheimer 2015 outlook: The Current Cycle will ultimately be the longest on record

Livewire News

Oppenheimer 2015 outlook: The Current Cycle will ultimately be the longest on record. It's said that business cycles always end the same way: The Fed murders them with rate hikes. By the time that happens, equity valuations are typically elevated, complacency has set in, credit growth has been robust and... Show More

valuations us economy

Why do stock markets bears in the US always pop out of the woodwork whenever there's a pullback in equities

Jay Soloff

Why do stock markets bears in the US always pop out of the woodwork whenever there's a pullback in equities? Betting against US equities has rarely paid off from a historical standpoint, yet it seems like there are just as many bears as bulls these days. Yahoo Finance posted a... Show More

equities us valuations