Jay Soloff

We're just one day away from Twitter setting its offering price, and two days from the start of trading. As you'd expect, Twitter-related news is hitting the wire at a breakneck pace. For instance, Yahoo Finance's Henry Blodget had some interesting Twitter insight today, suggesting that Twitter could be an attractive IPO because the company is losing money. Blodget says that the problem with Facebook was that it was operating at a profit when it went public and the upside was already built in. However, Twitter still has significant upside precisely because profitability is not yet built into the IPO price. The company has minimal costs, so at some point, additional revenues can go straight to the bottom line. Of note, Blodget doesn't recommend buying the IPO this week, but he's bullish on the company in general. (VIEW LINK)


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Jay Soloff

FB is certainly in better shape now with 49% of ad revenue coming from mobile. That wasn't the case last year, when that number was just 14%. Twitter has the advantage of already generating most of its revenues from mobile.

James Marlay

Feels like it has better momentum than FB but the reality is FB is further down the commercial path that doesn't come without its headaches