Magellan Asset Management

In 1995 – three years before Google was founded, nine years ahead of Facebook, a decade before YouTube and 11 years earlier than Twitter – a US court judged that internet-based Prodigy Services was akin to a publisher because the web-services company vetted and deleted inappropriate material from online message... Show More

Patrick Poke

On the topic of valuation, Professor Aswath Damodaran is one of the greatest communicators of our time. Recently, he sat down with another famous NYU professor, Scott Galloway, to discuss the valuations of some of the world’s leading technology companies. Professor Galloway is known for his engaging TED-style talks where... Show More

Glennon Capital

During this week’s results presentation WPP Group (WPP, the old STW Communications) reported on the state of the advertising market for the past year as well as expectations over the next few years. Coming from a significant media buying group it made for interesting reading. Show More

Nathan Bell

If you weren’t aware of Twitter before the US Presidential race, then you surely are now. Provided you don’t use more than 140 characters, Twitter is a social media platform that largely lets you share any thought that crosses your mind with the entire world. Show More

Fidelity International

Not even the patronage of Donald Trump could spare Twitter’s share price yesterday as the company published its lacklustre quarterly results. Disappointing ad sales, management turnover and sluggish user growth weighed on the performance of the California-based company, with results coming in below consensus Wall Street estimates. The firm’s net... Show More

Jordan Eliseo

The “consensus” view on Brexit (as described by all those who thought Remain would win), is that it is a clear case of economic self-harm, and a victory of fear over confidence. Much was made of the fact that under 35s were overwhelmingly in favour of Remain, though less than... Show More

Wentworth Securities

"Market Bites" brings together quick links to news and articles for our clients, which we think they may not have read, and will hopefully find of interest. Heavy on tech this week. Click for the last edition to take a look Show More

Chris Weston

Insight on Twitters result. Taking profits on USD/CAD longs and looking to buy back in at lower levels - Show More

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

A view on US earnings season so far, from Saxo Bank Head of Equity Strategy Peter Garnry - Peter Garnry says 75% of posted results have been positive and around half of companies reporting earnings have seen a profits surprise on the upside. Garnry believes the positive earning season has... Show More

Tom McKay

Silicon Valley's smartest investor says bubble trouble. Tom Perkins, the co-founder of Silicon Valley's most successful technology venture capital company, says US technology stocks are in a speculative bubble that must burst. His warning carries substantial weight because his firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, has been the most astute... Show More