The booming tech sector is gearing up for a wave of consolidation, as some companies discover they don’t have a business model, others find that they don’t have the cash to compete in a ferociously competitive market has been, by one measure, a huge success. It has a more than 300 million regular users and often dominates conversation in the media. But unlike Facebook, it has never convincingly found a way of translating that chatter into serious revenues. Some companies can’t keep up with the investment required. Take Netflix, for example. It has built a fantastic model, and is turning traditional TV upside down. But all those new shows are hugely expensive to make and will take vast sums of money to pay for them all. The upcoming ‘The Crown,' telling the story of the Queen, is costing $130 million, making it the most expensive TV show ever. Source: The Telegraph (UK) (VIEW LINK)