Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. That is to say, the media appear to be writing about AI on a daily basis and many companies are working to understand what AI truly is. However, today's AI is essentially a set of software-based rules, programmed by humans. It may be artificial, but we wouldn't call it intelligent. True AI implies an entirely autonomously learning system that can recognise patterns without any pre-programmed set of rules. The scope of the latter is limited by the programmer's coding skills and imagination. ASX-listed BrainChip (ASX:BRN) has developed a hardware-only AI solution that can truly learn autonomously by being fed data sets, such as video feeds and sounds. Working through sufficient amounts of data, this chip starts to recognise and associate patterns by itself. The key advantage is that the chip will look for any sort of pattern, as opposed to rules-based AI solutions that are programmed to only look for specific patterns. The number of application areas for this type of AI is endless, which is why we believe BRN has a bright future ahead.