Welcome to today’s webinar, where two wealth managers will explain how they go about building a diversified income strategy. The recent interest rate cuts from the Reserve Bank of Australia have put more pressure on investors who are reliant on regular income to sustain their livelihoods. 

Generating a sustainable source of income is one of the most common problems facing Livewire readers and I hope that today’s webinar provides some useful guidance on this topic.

The webinar will start a 10:45am, to tune in simply click on the player at the bottom of this page.

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John Weir

Can you please ask a question about where LICs. Are they good buying at present for a passive investing SMSF and is it possible to source a daily list of NTAs?

Roland Nagel

To what extent should sentiment or share price momentum influence our decision to purchase certain stocks? Thanks Roland

sidney ho

How would you rank the order of safety of investing in the unlisted FirstMac high Livez and the listed MXT, NBI & GCI? Many thanks, Sidney


Can you please ask a question (for SMSF investing) about what are the best rated funds with good ROR for corporate lending / bonds preferably syndicated with banks? How can SMSF best invest in them, where / how are they rated and how is it best to assess risk eg )investment v non-investment grade? Thanks Vic

Mark Peterson

1.In a (future likely) situation where asset prices may rapidly deflate, which income creating assets or asset classes are least likely to suffer a drawdown? 2. What are the best available ( price and cost efficient) options for infrastructure type investments for self managed superannuation funds? thanks Mark

Brian Strathmore

Please provide your thoughts on ETFs -SLF and VAP for SMSF diversification Thanks

Hugh Grant

For the fixed interest component of a retirees SMSF portfolio, how much would you allocate to international assets and how much to domestic assets? (I am currently 70% international, 30% domestic)

Hugh Grant

For the property component, what % would you allocate to listed real estate companies versus unlisted property assets

Hugh Grant

For the fixed interest component, what % would you allocate to RMBS's?

Hugh Grant

How do SMSF retirees best access bonds. I've done it through a combination of direct (as a FIIG wholesale client) ind indirectly through various Australian and international bond funds (e.g. PIMMCO FUNDS, UBS funds, etc.). I'm finding that the returns from the direct (FIIG) funds are much lower than the equivalent bond funds, as the FIIG charges (buy/sell spread and custody fees) swallow up the returns.

Chen Mawson

Are the domestic and international government bonds over bought with the yields falling so much recently or it is still a good time to allocate funds into treasury bonds as the global economy slows?

Celeste Neander

Regarding Steve’s comment on increasing exposure to Private Equity and Hedge Funds, where does he see the opportunities at present? Is PE1 in the private equity space a good buy? Thank you. Celeste


Why a very small allocation to real estate?

Daniel Murphy

I can make income by selling 100 APT shares per week. What is the short term outlook of APT in the view of the panel members? (Holding APT since $5.02

James Marlay

HI Daniel, sorry we didn't get to your question. From the discussion I would suggest the guests would have suggested some more diversification and that relying on just a single security is quite risky.

david Heath

Well done James. Great and informative conversation. Thanks David Heath