Robert Miller

A recent podcast with Robert Millner, Chairman of Washington H Soul Pattison & Company Ltd (ASX:SOL) provided valuable insights into the mindset of a long-term investment conglomerate. What started as a chemist on Pitt St in the 1870s has turned into what some would argue is the closest thing Australia... Show More

Peter Gardner

On 1 April 2019, Woolworths announced a $1.7B off-market share buy-back. The buy-back will have a $4.79 capital component, with the balance being a fully franked dividend. The buy-back will be based on a tender, with investors tendering to sell shares at a discount of between 10% to 14% below... Show More

Nick Grove

To be a successful equity investor, there are a few very simple tenets to follow if you want to get a head-start – and these include avoiding underperformers and not getting sucked into yield traps, Plato Investment Management managing director, Dr Don Hamson, said in a recent presentation.Hamson also had... Show More

Asset Allocation
Dr Don Hamson

Forecast for shares income, including from the banks, remains solid. For the “glass half empty” thinkers, there is plenty of bad news to focus on in 2019 – the Trump trade war, Brexit, falling house prices, the final report of the Financial Services Royal Commission, political risk and more. Show More

Livewire Exclusive

The ALP’s proposal to ditch franking credit cash rebates evoked an emotional response from self-funded retirees, sparking substantial analysis and debate on the issue. While there have been few developments to the policy proposal since it was announced in March Livewire spoke to Dr Don Hamson from Plato Investment Management... Show More

Investment Theme
Livewire Exclusive

Dr Don Hamson from Plato Investment Management is always on the lookout for the best income opportunities from equities. His research suggests that there has been a 40% increase year on year for the dividends being paid out from the resources sector. "One of the reasons why commodities are doing well... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

There are no free lunches in finance, but for Australian investors, franking credits can be the next best thing. Luke Cummings, Chief Investment Officer at Harvest Lane Asset Management, says that many M&A transactions are structured to include a fully franked dividend as part of the headline price. Australian investors... Show More

Anton Tagliaferro

Of late, the headlines on dividends have been primarily focused on the proposed removal of some of the more favourable tax treatments should the Labor Party get elected to power. While franking credits certainly enhance the attraction of dividends received from Australian companies to many investors, we believe there are... Show More

Stephen Bruce

Traditionally, when seeking income, investors have turned to fixed income investments such as term deposits or bonds. However, persistently low-interest rates have seen investing in higher yielding stocks become an increasingly popular strategy for investors seeking to generate an income stream. Show More