Westpac Banking Corporation (WBC) has re-listed this morning after finalising its 1 for 23 rights issue. At $25.50 per share, the entitlement was priced at a generous discount to the last traded price of $30.44 (TERP adjusted $30.23). One would therefore expect the stock to re-list at a discount to this price and re-test the $30 level. However, WBC opened this morning at $30.80, and at the height of its trading reached $31.83 – an extraordinary gain of $1.60 or 5.23%. It would therefore appear that the wider market is looking through the substantive $3.5bn capital raising and focussing on WBC’s pioneering decision to raise rates by 20 basis points in order to maintain its return on equity. And in hindsight it’s not overly surprising. A 0.2% increase on a $350bn+ mortgage book equates to an additional $700m in gross earnings. This has placed industry wide rate rises firmly on the agenda and it is likely that every major (and minor) lender in this country will now be fielding calls from shareholders imploring them to follow suit.

James Marlay

Interesting note Romano

James Marlay

Romano, would you expect the other banks to start rallying in anticipation of such an outcome?

Matthew Wright

Do we see an industry wide raising to maintain ROE in front of a central bank turning around in Nov and easing? Rate futures definitely reacted like this post the WBC announcement. Under this scenario do we see lenders only passing a portion of the RBA easing on?

Romano Sala Tenna

All of the above, albeit the competitors will need to space their NIM expansion so as to avoid the perception of collusion etc.