Mark Gordon

Protean Energy's strategy is to build a vertically integrated vanadium business, with the upstream including the 490 Mlb V2O5/18.4 Mlb U3O8 Daejon Vanadium-Uranium Deposit in South Korea, and with downstream activities concentrating on the commercialisation of the proprietary V-KOR vanadium redox flow battery stack technology and the development of a... Show More

Technological, environmental, and political changes could result in the commodities sector changing significantly in the coming decades. Following our recent discussion of the major commodities and mega-cap miners, we asked our contributors to look into the future and tell us about the commodities that will matter most. Show More

Mark Gordon

Lithium demand forecasts by several parties have been dramatically increased recently, driven largely by the expected growth in the use of electric cars driving demand for lithium-ion batteries. 2025 demand forecasts range between 500,000t and 1,000,000 LCE, multiples of the current demand of ~220,000t. Ideally placed to take advantage of... Show More

UBS Asset Management

We have had a long-term position in lithium miners Orocobre (ORE) and Pilbara (PLS). We have varied our investment in these companies over the last few years, as their rate of development and journey toward profitability has followed a wave-like pattern. However, we have always had one eye on the... Show More

Marcus Tuck

A recent technical breakthrough in battery research has raised the possibility of a next-generation battery with at least twice the power storage capacity of existing lithium-ion cells. It is still some way from commercialization, but the early signs are promising. As reported in the Economist, the new battery is the... Show More