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In Livewire's final podcast for 2017, Livewire's Co-Founder and Managing Director, Tom McKay, sits down with Niki Scevak, Partner and Co-founder of Blackbird Ventures, one of Australia's most successful VC firms. With a keen interest in public markets, and the teachings of Munger and Buffett, Niki provides a unique perspective... Show More

Rick Baker, the Co-Founder of Australian Venture Capital firm Blackbird says that investors have got to seek out genuine product-market-fit when trying to value technology companies with no revenues. “Number of users and growth is obviously really important and then it keeps coming back to engagement. We really look hard... Show More

Rick Baker, Co-Founder at Blackbird Ventures says that there are both good and bad startups listing on the ASX and investors need to be able to distinguish between the two. “The good type is a company that’s got around $10m in revenue (or more), is probably breakeven, profitable or very... Show More