Blue Sky Alternative Investments

A profitable experience with a bitter end

Dean Fergie

Readers might well be aware of the challenges one of our long-term holdings, alternative asset manager Blue Sky (BLA), has faced since Glaucus, a US based short seller, released a scathingly negative report on the business at the end of March with the company entering into a trading halt over... Show More

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Blue Sky re-rates following excellent FY17 result

Robert Frost

Blue Sky Alternative Investments Limited continued to re-rate following an excellent FY17 result that came in at the top end of their guidance range. Blue Sky had been largely under the radar of institutional investors but has become much better understood as a result of improved recent disclosure from management... Show More

Private market valuations exceeding 2007 levels

Livewire Exclusive

One of the more important issues that private equity firms face today is one that should feel familiar to public market investors; overvaluation. In the US, the average buyout valuation was 10.9 times EBITDA in 2016, which exceeds 2007 peak despite lower levels of leverage. Show More

Finding growth in private markets

Livewire Exclusive

Investors have traditionally turned to the share market for growth, but with the ASX 200 still sitting well below its pre-GFC highs, alternative investments are becoming increasingly popular. From less than 5% of the industry in ’97, alternative assets now account for nearly 20% of funds under management. Show More

Blue Sky targets $5b AUM by 2019

Robert Frost

Blue Sky Alternative Investments reported a strong FY17 result at the top end of the guidance range after profitably exiting several private equity investments, adding to its credibility, particularly in the private equity space. Show More