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Chris Stott

After a tumultuous 2016, the share market has had a solid start to the new year prolonging the so-called ‘Trump Rally’ which has seen Australian equities rally more than 10.0% from their intraday lows on 9 November when Trump was elected. With the year now underway and reporting season around... Show More

James Gerrish

We look at markets in a number of ways combining fundamentals, seasonality, statistics and technical analysis - we never understand somebody that does not use all the information at their fingertips! Firstly, over the last 2 years we have regularly referred to the monthly US S&P500 chart illustrating the "5... Show More

Clime Asset Management

The market is thirsty for yield and it's definitely there to be exposed. In this analyst opinion piece we look at the themes coming out of reporting season thus far and the likely implications for the remainder of the companies reporting their results. Show More

Livewire Exclusive

It was a surprise to nobody that the RBA held rates steady today. However, with six more meetings to go this year, there’s plenty of time for the RBA to cut further. Despite the poor payrolls data after the Australian market closed on Friday, the US Federal Reserve is still... Show More

Stephen Koukoulas

It is unlikely the RBA will cut interest rates again in this cycle. Inflation is at its cyclical low, and global inflation is lifting. There is also clear evidence the house price boom has been rekindled in recent months, fuelled in part by record low interest rates. The sharp 5-cent... Show More

Craig James

Australia has one of the highest cash rates of advanced nations. But at the same time, Australia’s inflation rate has come down over time and now is in line with the economies of Asia and North America that also possess healthy rates of economic growth. It is reasonable then for... Show More

Nicholas Forsyth

On a very quiet morning when both the US and UK have enjoyed long weekends, we thought we would revisit the potential path for Australian interest rates. Investors typically have short term memories and forget markets are cyclical. Iron ore should be a great reminder - from $US15/t to $US190/t... Show More


The central bank as left the cash rate on hold at a record low of 2% for the tenth straight month. RBA Board members appear to be more upbeat on the outlook for the local economy MORE MARKET NEWS AT Show More