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Clive Smith

Central bank policy within the developed world has been marked over the past decade by a systematic failure to achieve pre-set inflation targets. In response central banks globally are reviewing the way they approach the setting of monetary policy. Over the longer term this change in behaviour further clouds the... Show More

Tony Sutton

Quantitative easing (QE) is the process by which central banks inject money directly into the financial system, usually through the purchase of government bonds using printed or electronically created money. This is intended to stimulate economic activity. Show More

Fixed Income

Sudden outbreaks in volatility through this year have spooked the equity markets, and investors are questioning if more is to come. We spoke with rate market expert, Gopi Karunakaran, Portfolio Manager at Ardea Investment Management, who warned that there could be more to come. In this short video, he focuses... Show More

Aberdeen Standard Investments

Over the past 18 months, the term ‘Goldilocks’ has increasingly been used to describe the global economic climate – neither too ‘hot’ to cause rampant inflation, nor too ‘cold’ to fall into recession. In such an environment, interest rates can remain low. This happy set of circumstances has been positive... Show More

Brett Gillespie

September 27th, 1983. What comes to mind? What if I include the quote from Bob Hawke? “Any boss who sacks a worker for not turning up today is a bum”. If you are over 45, you will know straight away. It was the day the yacht Australia II won the... Show More

Elizabeth Moran

FIIG Securities guest economist, Saul Eslake looks at the current global shift by central banks in ‘advanced’ economies to increase inflation, rather than keep it down as seen in the past decade. He also details why tax cuts and Trump tariffs are likely to put the US under inflationary pressure... Show More

In recent years, markets have reacted positively to signs of inflation. Inflation has been indicative of improving conditions in the economy, and central banks have been encouraging it through artificially low rates and quantitative easing. Gopi Karunakaran, Portfolio Manager at Ardea Investment Management, says this is all changing in 2018. Show More

Magellan Asset Management

Beggars in China with QR codes hanging around their necks and others pleading with matrix-barcoded tins caused a stir when they appeared on Chinese city streets in the past year or two. Fellow Chinese shouldn’t have been surprised. These beggars are only keeping up with one of the most-rapid trends... Show More