climate change

Patrick Poke

When Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” was released 13 years ago, it brought the issue of climate change to the fore of people’s minds around the world. It might surprise you then, that the effects of greenhouse gases have been known since 1896. However, despite the huge progress made over... Show More

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Patrick Fresne

In pre-industrial times, the influence of climate and weather on human societies was readily apparent to the World’s predominantly rural populations: inclement weather could result in failed harvests, higher food prices, unrest and revolutions. Show More

Chad Slater

Often discoveries occur independently at the same time in different places. It’s one of the odd things about human progress. As part of our launch of the Morphic Ethical Equities Fund, that debuts on the ASX next month and applications closing on the 19th April, we published an optimistic note... Show More

Morphic Asset Management

In 2017 there is a narrative of "alternate facts" and "two sides to the story" on things such as climate change. Well, there aren’t two sides to the story on gravity, nor are there two sides on climate change. Morphic will be hosting two presentations in Sydney where Mark Fulton,... Show More

Today's edition of the Daily AGM note is now available at this link Rio Tinto's shareholders overwhelmingly voted in favour of the shareholder requisitioned resolution on climate change with more than 99% voting in favour of it across the plc and ltd AGMs. The note is updated continuously throughout... Show More

Further to my original note on Rio Tinto's 2015 results, Rio Tinto has released its 2015 Annual Report and AGM materials (plc 14 April; ltd 5 May). I take a look at the remuneration outcomes in this note. I had some difficulty in reconciling the narrative disclosures to... Show More

AMP Capital

Investors understand that the world needs to respond to the risk of climate change. One of the key challenges facing investors is that the policy approaches of governments to reduce emissions are not necessarily clear and that a number of policies are likely to be used. This results in climate... Show More

AGL Energy's 2015 AGM was today. All but the shareholder requisitioned resolution passed on polls with strong support. The resolution to amend the constitution to impose climate change disclosure obligations failed to pass with only 5.20% of votes for the amendment. This was always the likely outcome. As observed in... Show More

In an earlier wire I noted Origin Energy's 2015 AGM agenda includes a shareholder resolution to amend the constitution to introduce new climate change reporting obligations on the company. I look at the company's reconciliation of its current disclosures to the disclosures sought by the resolution in the attached... Show More