Corporate Culture

A lot of media attention has been taken up with the first strikes occurring in 2016 – AGL Energy, Boral,, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, CSL, Goodman Group, Spark Infrastructure, Woodside Petroleum – yet the suggestion of some kind of shareholder revolt in 2016 merits closer examination. Show More

Our review of the AGMs, GMs and scheme meetings over the period 1 January to 3 June 2016 can be found in this note. It includes a list of first strike and two strike AGMs (a two-strike AGM features the conditional/contingent Board Spill resolution), what happened with the four... Show More

ASIC's report on its review of the management of conflicts of interest in the vertically integrated funds-management industry and its seven indicators of culture caught my eye. Currently the Criminal Code (Cth) defines corporate culture as meaning 'an attitude, policy, rule, course of conduct or practice existing within the... Show More

Romano Sala Tenna

If there is anything more important than corporate culture, I am not aware what it is. A great culture reflects management par excellence. And whilst management teams come and go, corporate culture is much less transient and is likely to contribute to success for years to come. Think... Show More