Angela Ashton

The current Fed rate hikes, combined with efforts to shrink its balance sheet, represent the first sustained tightening in US monetary conditions, and therefore much of the developed world, for at least 30 years. So what does this mean for investors and how should they change their investment strategy to... Show More

Chad Slater

One of my favourite quotes used by Gerard Minack, a director of Morphic and Ex-Head of Developed Markets strategy at Morgan Stanley and well-known bear, is that “we’re just all different denominations of the same church”. That being the house of mammon. Show More

Christopher Joye

After interviewing leading strategic thinkers I argue in the AFR that there appears to be a 1-in-10 to 1-in-4 probability of full kinetic conflict erupting between the US, South Korea, Australia and North Korea, possibly backed by China, which could turn radioactive, and you had better consider how you can... Show More

Christopher Joye

In The AFR I evaluate the "big interest rate duration short" and find that it has delivered in spades with the value of a AAA rated portfolio of Australian government bonds suffering a savage, two standard deviation plus loss of more than 2 percentage points (in total return terms) since... Show More