Matt Griffin

Small cap gold stocks have had a remarkable run over the past 5 years, fuelled by rising production, a high gold price, and strong levels of cash generation. However there have been clear winners and losers, and we see a few worrying trends emerging. In this article we take a... Show More

Christopher Joye

In the latest Compexity Premia podcast we cover recent Livewire articles and: debate whether the RBA is going to blow the housing bubble back up with interest rate cuts; discuss new RBA research that blames the central bank for the rapid house price growth between 2012-2017 (contrary to what the... Show More

Christopher Joye

In this new research paper, members of the quantitative research and portfolio management teams at Coolabah Capital Investments (CCI) present new evidence on whether the claimed alpha and beta benefits of ESG filters in both the global equities and corporate bond markets exist. You can download a full copy of... Show More

Asset Allocation
Luke Cummings

Reading through Patrick Poke’s article yesterday analysing Seth Klarman’s annual letter for Baupost Group ("Klarman: A Buying Opportunity"), a particular passage stood out. Unsurprisingly, not least because of our history in championing the strategy, the passage focused on reducing correlation to broader equity markets. Show More

Christopher Joye

In my column today I argue that to have any hope of divining the prospects for 2019, one has to first solve the Rubik’s Cube that was 2018 in which the most overvalued asset-class on the planet, government bonds, reigned as king—trumping cash—despite this column’s contrarian forecast of four Fed... Show More