Brigette Leckie

Recent on-the-ground research in India overwhelmingly highlighted strong support for Modi and the belief that he is the right Prime Minister to take India to the next stage in its economic development. Few would dispute the positives underpinning India, specifically: i) its demographics, ii) expertise in technology and electronics assisted... Show More

Glennon Capital

While the profit and loss statement is doubtless very important for investors, the balance sheet should not be underestimated; it may even be more important. Below we run through the top points to consider when coming face-to-face with a balance sheet. Show More

Christopher Joye

In The Australian Financial Review I relay chats with billionaire Howard Marks and former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger that can help shape the way we think about investing; highlight that Aussie inflation expectations have surged to 4%-5%, which is way above the RBA's 2%-3% target and the highest... Show More

PM Capital

Paul Moore, Chief Investment Officer at PM CAPITAL, says if you believe current stock market action you would think we are heading for a recession. His view is that current volatility is a continuation of a ‘two steps forwards and one step back’ recovery process. “Recession concerns are being driven... Show More

PM Capital

In this interview, Paul Moore, Chief Investment Officer and founder of PM CAPITAL, provides a summary of the year that’s passed and the year ahead. He explains why avoiding group-think is critical to achieving good performance, and provides some examples of where he can see group think occurring in the... Show More

Matt Felsman

I spoke with Swiss financial television station Dukascopy TV about geopolitical event uncertainty, Australian AGM season and how can investors be smarter in their stock selection. Over the last 20 years, big positions in traditional Australian blue chip stocks have been rewarding for investors. BHP Billiton Limited and Rio Tinto... Show More

Clime Asset Management

Don’t dump yield stocks in this bond correction. The sharp global bond correction we have been warning about for over a year has suddenly eventuated. But there is now a danger that investors overreact and dump quality, high-yield stocks. We believe the sharp rise in bond yields, while uncomfortable, is... Show More

Clime Asset Management

Fund manager John Abernethy says RBA deputy governor Guy Debelle was right to warn investors that there are a lot of negatives around that are already spilling from bond to equity markets. Abernethy suggests that the bond market is being perverted by central banks so that the pricing is giving us... Show More