federal budget 2017

The Budget balance is set to improve at a steady rate. This will reassure the rating agencies. The understanding that house prices can be brought down by increasing supply has been suggested previously by the RBA. This Budget provides policies based on that insight. Show More


Budget in focus: This year’s Federal Budget is expected to focus on infrastructure, healthcare costs, school & tertiary education and some measures to improve housing affordability. The Federal Budget is the primary event that defines fiscal policy settings. Spending and taxing measures are important for a raft of companies and... Show More

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Ahead of what is likely to be a controversial budget, anticipation is further stimulated by the plethora of policy suggestions and thought bubbles that have been leaked by the Treasury Department. The task set for the Government and Treasurer encapsulates a range of serious problems far greater than simply balancing... Show More

Each budget is different. The economic environment, global context, budget priorities and goals are all different. In terms of this budget – the first in the Government’s new term – the Government wants to be seen as “making the right choices”. That focus makes sense – the Government has to... Show More

The International Monetary Fund has built a reputation as an unbiased forecaster. The IMF has a pretty optimistic outlook for the Australian budget for the next couple of years. They believe that the Australian budget deficit will decline from 2.7% of GDP in calendar 2016 to 2.2% of GDP in... Show More