fixed income

Perpetual Investments

A fixed income investment is a simple interest only loan. It may be made to a government, semi-government authority or company; as such, fixed income investments are often referred to as ‘debt’ investments. An investor agrees to purchase a fixed income asset from an issuer in exchange for interest payments... Show More

Damien Wood

International and domestic economic indicators have turned negative in recent months. Major central banks responded to this and the weak financial markets in late 2018. In fact, policy makers pivoted from “tough love” talk to hints of investor friendly intentions. The central bank “put”(1) lives. Global markets rebounded as a... Show More

Kapstream Capital

Perhaps simply ‘queasiness’ is more fitting. Certainly that’s an apt feeling among investors having stomached sharp falls in risk asset prices in the last quarter of 2018, again bringing into focus the question of asset allocation as investors consider the path ahead. While many of the surprise falls reversed, at... Show More

Richard Quin

The typical Australian investment portfolio is largely split between cash/government bonds and equities, with a strong domestic focus. Safety and familiarity are the appeals here. Focusing on these two extreme ends of the investment spectrum has worked beautifully well over recent decades. Both equities and cash/government bonds provided returns comfortably... Show More

Craig Morabito

Over the past decade, the value of the investment grade (IG) corporate bond market has nearly doubled, from USD4.8 trillion in June 2008 to USD9.3 trillion today. Interestingly, the weighting of BBB rated bonds in the IG market has risen at an even quicker pace. Over the same period, issues... Show More