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With the backing of a highly experienced team, the Perpetual Credit Income Trust provides investors with access to the entire breadth of the credit market, including corporates, banks/financials, supranationals, high yield, loans and asset-backed securities. In this short video, Perpetual Investments Senior High Yield Analyst, Anne Moal, shows investors how... Show More

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The Perpetual Credit Income Trust employs an investment style that seeks opportunities within the broadest possible universe, providing diversification while at the same time managing risk during any point in a market cycle. In this short video, Michael Korber, Head of Credit and Fixed Income at Perpetual Investments, explains why... Show More

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A fixed income investment is a simple interest only loan. It may be made to a government, semi-government authority or company; as such, fixed income investments are often referred to as ‘debt’ investments. An investor agrees to purchase a fixed income asset from an issuer in exchange for interest payments... Show More

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International and domestic economic indicators have turned negative in recent months. Major central banks responded to this and the weak financial markets in late 2018. In fact, policy makers pivoted from “tough love” talk to hints of investor friendly intentions. The central bank “put”(1) lives. Global markets rebounded as a... Show More