Fund In Focus

Pengana Capital

Did you know that 98% of all companies in Europe and the US with revenues in excess of $10 million are not listed? Not only that, but the number of listed companies have been steadily decreasing since the mid 1990’s. In collaboration with Chicago based Grosvenor Capital Management, the Pengana... Show More

Fund in Focus
Nikki Thomas

As a boutique, active, core equities investment manager, our aim is simple and effective: to identify opportunities across market cycles and invest in quality, undervalued companies with underestimated forward earnings expectations. The Alphinity Global Equity Fund seeks to build a portfolio of international stocks that is well diversified across different sectors,... Show More

Stephane Andre

Alphinity seeks to invest in quality, undervalued companies that can deliver an ‘earnings surprise’ to drive outperformance. We have found that a positive earnings surprise is likely to be followed by a period of sustained positive earnings revisions/surprises driving share price out performance. Likewise, negative surprises drive underperformance. Show More