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Jason Teh

...Or that is what some equity pundits masquerading as bond experts want you to believe. They predict that a ‘bondcano’ of rising interest rates will lead to collapsing prices for bonds and bond-like proxies. Over the last few months, this hype about rising global interest rates reached fever pitch due... Show More

Chris Rands

Over the past 15 years Australian house prices have been on an incredible run, resulting in Australian households becoming some of the most indebted in the world. So what is the economic cost of Australia’s sky high property prices and what could it mean for property prices in 2018? Show More

Mugunthan Siva

The exciting story surrounding emerging markets has been the rise of two economic powerhouses, India and China. Whilst both countries share some basic similarities, they differ in many significant ways, most importantly stock market returns. In this wire, we articulate how they differ and what investors should expect going forward. Show More

Marcus Tuck

The US economy is already in its eighth year of expansion, albeit one of sub-par GDP growth until recently. S&P 500 earnings are near all-time highs, as are equity indices and valuations. Goldman Sachs’ global strategy team points out that the US has followed a fairly typical equity cycle post... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Investors and the media have a tendency to focus on real (inflation-adjusted) GDP growth, but after two decades of low inflation, Sam Ferraro, Founder of Evidente, says it’s nominal GDP we should be watching. Fund managers and analysts forecast nominal cashflows and households earn nominal wages, not inflation-adjusted wages. "It's... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

There is plenty going on in the Australian Economy right now and a raft of surprising data has presented investors with a curious puzzle. In early May the RBA cut interest rates after an extended period of stability. The move, which was prompted by weak inflation data, has seen the... Show More

Clime Asset Management

Following the release of the Sept Qtr national accounts, we opined that Australian’s would be shocked to learn when our net foreign debt breached $1T in the Dec Qtr. We were wrong on two accounts. 1) The net foreign debt had actually breached $1T in the Sept Qtr. The ABS... Show More

Altair Asset Management

The last economic data and key announcements of 2015 are almost in the bag and, on balance, are pointing to Q4 economic growth internationally and in Australia running a touch stronger than commonly expected as little as a month ago. Better-than-previously-expected growth, including in the US, made the first US... Show More

Wentworth Securities

On Tuesday, I listened to the Treasurer defend the Govts 2.5% GDP Growth forecast, and beyond that, he firmly believes growth will accelerate to 3.0% then 3.5% in the forward estimates. And a day later, the RBA released GDP figures which showed that the Australian economy would have all but... Show More