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In light of the notable market volatility this week, it is timely to review what the masters of the market have said on the subject. These quotes from some of the most successful investors illustrate how investing in stock markets can be a challenging yet rewarding venture, requiring strong research... Show More

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We’ve posted about the issue of sticking with your investment strategy before – see here: and here: But it’s a topic that’s worth revisiting. AQR Capital, manager of over US$170B has released a research paper on exactly this subject. They look at Berkshire Hathaway, PIMCO’s Total Return Fund... Show More

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China's credit-market gauges are triggering alarm bells, as banks grow cautious in lending to each other while investors prefer the safest government bonds. The spread between the two-year sovereign yield and the similar-maturity interest-rate swap, a gauge of financial stress, just reached 121 basis points, the widest in Bloomberg data... Show More

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Matthew McLennan runs $US80 billion of global equities, cash and gold at First Eagle Investment Management a privately owned fund manager based in New York. George Soros started his career at First Eagle where he worked from 1963 to 1973 and McLennan is arguably Australia's largest funds management export. He... Show More