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Saxo Capital Markets Australia

With the world's second largest economy about to take the largest annual holiday in the world: Chinese New Year. It's worth assessing the possibility of what would be a welcome and, arguably, overdue 'gift' from the Chinese central bank; the People's Bank of China. Saxo Capital Markets' analyst Kay Van-Petersen... Show More

Clime Asset Management

One of the continuing influences affecting the Australian equity market is the sober outlook for world growth. Recent economic numbers confirm the world’s economies will continue in a low-growth environment. Our strategy remains... Be patient; invest for the long term, not for the fast gain. The market’s currently overpaying for... Show More

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

Greece’s seeming descent into chaos at the end of the 2Q has fashioned an intensely uncertain framework casting markets at the mercy of headline risk. It is with that ever-changing caveat that Saxo Bank, the parent company of Saxo Capital Markets, has published its Q3 Outlook. Saxo’s investment outlook for... Show More

Miles Staude

The view from London: It's not that scary out there. Having spent the past 3 weeks travelling around Australia it is striking how pessimistic many people are. Perhaps this is a home bias at play; the outlook for Australia certainly looks set to diverge from that of other developed counties in... Show More

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