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In this increasingly global society, major shifts overseas almost always end up impacting local investors and consumers. Whether it’s local media companies being disrupted by digital media, or local retailers being disrupted by Amazon, the message is clear; the world is shrinking, and country borders can’t protect profit margins any... Show More

Callum Thomas

This would have to be my chart of the week. The red line shows the proportion of countries (70 in this study) that are currently in a bull market: currently just over 50%. The chart appeared in the latest edition of the Weekly Macro Themes . So how do... Show More


In recent years, there has been an enormous shift towards passive investing and index funds, supported by academics, investment practitioners, financial advisors, and assorted pundits. While we don’t know if they’re right for you (speak to your financial advisor), are there any situations where managed funds may be a better... Show More