growth investing

Anthony Aboud

During the first quarter of 2019, we have observed an acceleration in the outperformance of growth over value. This can be seen in the chart below provided by Deutsche Bank which illustrates that the price to earnings multiple (P/E) differential between growth and value stocks is close to the largest... Show More

Andrew Mitchell

People often ask us what investment style is Ophir Asset Management? We respond we are style agnostic, if we believe there is money to be made buying a company that is growing significantly we will invest in it. Likewise, if we believe there is an unloved company that will see... Show More

Chris Watling

The debate over whether a value or a growth style produces better long term investment returns continues, with staunch advocates on both sides. Certain high profile investors such as Warren Buffett continue to champion the Benjamin Graham school of value investing while, in contrast, recent BAML fund managers’ surveys have... Show More


When Warren Buffett first started buying businesses with ‘moats’ in the 80s, such as Coca Cola, his disciples thought he was crazy. More than 30 years later, buying businesses with a moat is accepted wisdom. Morningstar even offers a 'moat rating' on thousands of stocks from around the world. "You can’t... Show More

Kent Kwan

Many textbooks and articles tell you how successful fund managers go about analysing companies when they invest. However, what they don’t tend to disclose is that a lot of investment success is also a result of never doing certain things. Show More

Jonas Palmqvist

Will a ‘growth’ or ‘value’ regime dominate in equity markets from here? After ten years of ‘growth’ leadership, the debate around style timing is intense. Following the financial crisis, ‘growth’ stocks have clearly been a better option than ‘value’ stocks. The main explanations offered for this is lacklustre global economic... Show More

Expert Insights

Owners of high-quality, growing business are starting to look a little nervous following the high-profile falls of Aconex, Bellamy’s, Blackmores, and more. Hyperion Asset Management likes to invest in these kinds of quality, growing businesses, so we spoke to Managing Director, Tim Samway, to hear how he’s been handling sell-offs... Show More