Walmart To Take Amazon HEAD ON in India

Mugunthan Siva

US based Global retail giant Walmart will buy a controlling stake of 77% in India’s largest e-commerce company Flipkart for US$16 billion, valuing the company at US$21 billion. This deal is the biggest in India’s e-commerce market and marks Walmart’s foray in the e-commerce space. Amazon and Walmart will now... Show More

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The fastest growing opportunity in real estate

Livewire Exclusive

The Asian listed property trust sector can’t be ignored. From inception in 2001, it is a sector worth around $260 billion today. With growth now twice that of the US market, and with India and China on the verge of entering the sector, this is an opportunity that will continue... Show More

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Why Macquarie Bank is betting big on India

Mugunthan Siva

Macquarie Bank has been betting big on the world’s fastest growing economy, India, through its various infrastructure funds and joint ventures. One example is their recent L1 (highest) bid of $1.94bn for nine road assets under the Toll-Operate-Transfer (TOT) model. This deal is one of the largest FDI in public... Show More

Modi's Scorecard

Mugunthan Siva

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, was sworn in as India’s new Prime Minister in 2014 to much hype as no party had won by such a margin in 30 years. This was also monumental given his opposition, Congress party’s “Gandhi” domination that has ruled India for 49 of the past... Show More

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India’s Opportunity Explained in Charts

Mugunthan Siva

Successful thematic investing is not just about correctly identifying long term structural trends but also positioning yourself early to take advantage of them as they unfold. We have identified several positive structural changes occurring in India that make it a very attractive opportunity for thematic investors. This long-term opportunity drives... Show More

Local Insights into India’s Car Market

Mugunthan Siva

India produces around 3.8m passenger vehicles (PV) a year making them the 5th largest manufacturer in the world. Currently they are behind Japan and Germany who are number 3 and 4 respectively. By 2020, India could potentially overtake both of them. How? India is becoming a global hub for small... Show More

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Uncovering value in India

Peters MacGregor Capital Management

Chief Investment Officer, Wayne Peters, and Head of Research, Nathan Bell explain the investment case of listed holding company, Fairfax India. Fairfax India provides investors exposure to high quality private and public businesses in India. Fairfax's key assets include Bangalore International Airport, IIFL Holdings, NCML and Sanmar Chemicals. Show More

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Sometimes You Just Need a Page

Mugunthan Siva

Imagine a company that’s grown its revenue at 36% p.a. over the last 22 years simply selling underwear. What if I told you that the company has averaged a valuation of 46x since its listing back in March 2007, would you still invest in the stock? The company we are... Show More

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What Moody's upgrade means for India

Mugunthan Siva

Moody's Investors Service ("Moody's") last week upgraded the Government of India's local and foreign currency issuer ratings to Baa2 from Baa3 and changed the outlook on the rating to stable from positive. Show More

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All roads lead to Asia in 2018

Dr. Mary Manning

Asia is the fastest growing region in the world, with average GDP growth of 2 to 3 times that of Australia and other developed countries. Despite compelling growth and valuations, it is difficult for Australian investors to access Asian markets directly. Ellerston Asian Investments (ASX:EAI) offers an easy and efficient... Show More

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A world of opportunity

Nathan Bell

After eight years of falling interest rates and quantitative easing, most investors are wondering how long before the next great fall and when it will happen, mostly so they can dump their shares and avoid the pain suffered during the GFC. Show More

India’s thematics are great, but is it expensive?

Mugunthan Siva

Valuations provide investors with a margin-of-safety when investing. However, what appears cheap for one, may not be so cheap for another. The most commonly used measure, particularly where earnings are transparent and sustainable, is the Price-to-Earnings ratio i.e. what price am I paying for the future earnings potential of a... Show More

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There is No Such Thing as the “Asian Consumer”

Dr. Mary Manning

The concept of the “Asian Consumer” has captured the attention of many investors. However, talking about the Asian Consumer as a homogenous group is misleading. A closer look at demographics, household income, urbanization, gender purchasing power and channel shift, shows that there are at least 10 different consumer groups within... Show More

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India isn’t tough for all

Mugunthan Siva

Common perception, particularly in Australia, is that doing business in India is difficult, unfruitful and has many challenges ranging from sovereign, cultural and execution risks. Quite often perceptions are shaped by prior experiences and travel to India in prior decades. Show More

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The World’s Largest Biometric ID System

Mugunthan Siva

India is home to the world’s largest biometric identity program. The Unique Identification Authority of India has spent seven years collecting fingerprints, iris and facial scans for over 1.167 billion enrolled citizens. The World Bank's Chief Economist, Paul Romer, described it as "the most sophisticated ID program in the world". Show More

Gold – The Fed, Trump and Holidaymakers

Gavin Wendt

Gold’s best friends at present are the US Federal Reserve and Donald Trump. The US dollar is weakening as the opposition of two more Republican senators to the US healthcare bill this week meant the measure is effectively dead in its current form. Show More

Socially Responsible Companies in India. It’s the law.

Mugunthan Siva

This may come as a surprise, but guess which country was the first to legislate social responsibility for corporations? India! Indian companies are engaged in several projects that are meaningfully impacting the lives of India’s poor and the surrounding environment. Unfortunately, you don’t hear about this in the Australian media. Show More

Think Indian companies for growth

Mugunthan Siva

Growth is increasingly elusive in today’s world, particularly from companies experiencing organic top-line revenue increases. There are very few companies that can grow revenues and earnings organically from operating purely in Australia as many of their products and services are saturated domestically. So where do we find companies that are... Show More

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The Founder or CEO, who creates more shareholder wealth?

Mugunthan Siva

Travis Kalanick, co-founder of Uber Technologies took the decision to step down despite many commending him for ignoring typical corporate management convention. However, investors were unhappy and subsequently pressured him to resign. So as a shareholder, in any business, who would you prefer, the Founder or CEO? Show More

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Investing with India’s powerful tailwinds

Livewire Exclusive

Mary Manning, Portfolio Manager at Ellerston Asian Investments (ASX:EAI), is drawn to the growth opportunities available in India. She explains that many of the challenges facing Australian industries are the reverse in India, creating powerful tailwinds. This short video highlights three ways Mary is investing in India’s stunning growth outlook. Show More

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