Mugunthan Siva

The exciting story surrounding emerging markets has been the rise of two economic powerhouses, India and China. Whilst both countries share some basic similarities, they differ in many significant ways, most importantly stock market returns. In this wire, we articulate how they differ and what investors should expect going forward. Show More

Mugunthan Siva

Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook told analysts that “India is moving fast. They are moving at a speed that I have not seen in any other country in the world.” Despite this and many other positive endorsements, investors often procrastinate and identify reasons not to invest in India’s growth.... Show More

Chris Watling

US 10-year government bonds reached an all-time closing yield low on 8th July 2016 of 1.37%. That just surpassed the prior record low of 1.43% in July 2012 during the depths of the Euro crisis. Prior to that, US 10-year yields had only been meaningfully below 2% in one year... Show More

Despite the difficult political environment, things are beginning to look “less bad” on the macro front, says Nick Griffin, Head of Investments at Munro Partners. Emerging markets, Europe, resources, and banks have all recently bottomed out and beginning to improve, while Europe appears to be doing the same. “If you... Show More

Stephen Roberts

The Australian economy is showing signs of growing at an acceptably firm pace over the medium term and with inflation starting to lift towards the RBA’s 2-3% target according to recent commentaries by the RBA including the speech given by Governor Philip Lowe yesterday. There are several key assessments and... Show More