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Christopher Joye

In my column today I write that the biggest winners from the royal commission are demonstrably the big banks while the largest losers are Australia’s mortgage brokers. Indeed, the top end of town have done an amazing job (as we predicted) convincing everyone that brokers should be made the “fall... Show More

Christopher Joye

In The Australian Financial Review I relay chats with billionaire Howard Marks and former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger that can help shape the way we think about investing; highlight that Aussie inflation expectations have surged to 4%-5%, which is way above the RBA's 2%-3% target and the highest... Show More

Clime Asset Management

ANZ’s capital raising shows how important pricing of assets is in these difficult markets. Everyone is at risk of misreading prices and values! Investors, shareholders, boards and indeed investment banks need to have a basis for assessing value because market prices are being shown to be volatile and illusory. Investors... Show More