The New Criterion: tackling the asthma prevention market is no wheeze

Tim Boreham

The global asthma market is huge, but developing asthma prevention and management devices has hardly been a wheeze for the listed Adherium and Respiri. It doesn’t help when some patients adopt a novel approach to usage … Show More


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How to target a double-digit return

Monash Investors Pty Limited

Simon Shields, Principal at Monash Investors shares his thoughts on equity markets valuations, the market cycle, and four market thematics he likes such as medical devices, payment systems, demographics and tourism. Simon also touches on some key stocks in the Monash portfolio positioned to leverage these four thematics. He also... Show More

Impedimed's two blue sky opportunities

Livewire Exclusive

After falling as low at 5c per share in 2013, and spending more than two years trading below 50c, renewed interest in Impedimed has recently driven the share price as high as $1.82. So what's caused this astounding rally? Stuart Roberts, Life Sciences Analyst at NDF Research, explains that the... Show More

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Medtech Companies Gained 45.6% in FY15, And A Strong FY16 Expected

Canaccord Genuity

ASX-listed medtech (medical device) companies saw an impressive performance during Financial Year 15. In stark contrast to the market's gain of 1.2%, an equally weighted index of ASX-listed medtech stocks gained 45.6%. Canaccord believes a number of structural drivers have been responsible for this performance, and anticipates these to continue.... Show More

Resmed trial disappoints, but thesis is intact

Scott Power

Preliminary results from the SERVE-HF trial using adaptive servo-ventilation (ASV) therapy in patients with chronic heart failure did not meet its survival endpoint and in fact, showed a safety signal in this patient population. While disappointing and likely to see shares trade lower overnight, we estimate the earnings impact from... Show More

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Resmed tanks overnight on trial failure

Livewire Equities

The SMH reports that "Medical device maker ResMed has said a major clinical trial that sought to show its sleep therapy products protected heart attack victims, actually put their lives at further risk. The shock clinical trial result will be a major disappointment for ResMed investors who were counting on... Show More

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