Gavin Wendt

It’s worthwhile reflecting on the impact of Donald Trump’s election victory on commodities so far. In the immediate aftermath, we witnessed a surge in commodity prices pretty much across the board, with the obvious exception of gold – viewed by some as a likely laggard investment in the growth-fuelled Trump... Show More

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John Robertson

Palladium prices have fallen 14% during June prompting us to ask whether the prices of the major precious metals are set to converge. By definition, any discussion about convergence implies some prior disparity in performance. Deviations from the average can be large and prolonged. Since the beginning of 2013 (... Show More

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

Mixed start for commodities: natural gas, palladium and soybeans. Bloomberg's index of major commodities is flat amid a mixed start to the week for commodities, as gains in energy, industrial metals and softs have been offset by losses in grains and precious metals. According to Ole Hansen, Saxo Bank Head of... Show More

Livewire News

Platinum group metals are breaking out after three years of range trading; ETFS Securities: PGMs: ready to strike back? South African strikes and fears of trade sanctions against Russia have recently buoyed platinum and palladium prices, exacerbating what are already expected to be large deficits in 2014. Strikes in South... Show More