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Jordan Helton

Livewire recently teamed up with the University Network for Investing and Trading to hear investing ideas for some of Australia’s brightest university students. We asked students for their take on an important investing trend, and after reviewing many high-quality submissions, our editors determined the winner. We hope you enjoy the... Show More

Glennon Capital

A couple of days ago the Australian Bureau of Statistics released the latest retail sales figures, touching on many of the retail segments services by the ASX listed retailers. Overall sales increased 3.1% for January and 3.4% for the year, and continued to reduce from the strong 6% growth rates... Show More

Grant Oshry

Today Premier Retail announced a positive trading update for their 1H17 that ended on 28 January 2017 reflecting total sales growth in excess of 7% and underlying EBIT growth in the range of 9.4% to 10.6% when compared to the 26 weeks in the prior comparative period. This is a... Show More