Oscar Oberg

Since the equity market lows in December 2018, investors have chased offshore earnings to escape falling house prices, weak consumer and business sentiment, and uncertainty driven by the Federal election. The February 2019 reporting season highlighted this; economic bellwether companies Costa Group, Bingo Industries and Boral downgraded earnings before their results... Show More

James Gerrish

The market pulled back sharply today booking its worst performance since the first trading day of the calendar year following the weak lead from overseas on Friday night, growth concerns in a number of regions coming back into focus and overshadowing expectations of lower interest rates for longer. Talk around... Show More

James Gerrish

The market took its bullish que from the US overnight with stocks having a belated response to the Feds dovish commentary on Thursday – the Dow put on +216 points feeding into a bullish open in Australia and the market went on with – up until lunchtime at least. On... Show More

Andrew Mitchell

It’s difficult to remember a time when such a wide variety of Australian-based businesses were enjoying considerable success across the United Kingdom, particularly given it has long developed a fierce reputation as an investment graveyard for a variety of ASX-listed companies. Show More

Alex Cowie

One of many slick features our talented dev team has built this quarter is a re-engineered ‘Trending' panel on our website. Their algo crunches data from clicks, likes, comments, and social shares (the button at the bottom-left of each wire), to create an ever-changing carousel of your favourite content. Show More

Fund Manager Q&A

The allure of fast money and the ‘fear of missing out’ toy with investors on a daily basis. Right now valuations of companies exposed to themes like electric vehicles, medicinal marijuana and emerging infant formula markets could be described as ‘effervescent’. Indeed, fads and trends have been always been a part... Show More