Dividend Imputation Should Change

Gareth Brown

This will be short and likely controversial. There’s a lot of vitriol about dividend imputation these days. Much of it is misguided. However widely practised around the globe, double taxation of corporate earnings is unfair. Most countries acknowledge that fact indirectly by having low tax rates on dividends. Our dividend... Show More

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Taxation will be a big risk for FANGs

Amit Lodha

Risks often come from unexpected places. For global technology companies, the obvious risks might come from obsolescence and changing consumer preferences. We think it’s taxation that presents the biggest risk for the ‘FANGs’ stocks today. Show More

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Six things investors need to know about the Government’s tax paper

Clime Asset Management

What does the Government’s Re:Think tax discussion paper mean for investors? The Government on Monday handed down its Re:Think tax discussion paper, which is expected to trigger significant debate in coming months. We think there are six key issues the paper indicates could be a focus of Treasury’s leanings in... Show More

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