A world of opportunity

Nathan Bell

After eight years of falling interest rates and quantitative easing, most investors are wondering how long before the next great fall and when it will happen, mostly so they can dump their shares and avoid the pain suffered during the GFC. Show More

Updater continues upward move

Robert Frost

US-based technology company, Updater, Inc. (ASX:UPD), had a strong quarter on the back of ongoing penetration of the US mover market and strong validation of its product from its pilot program with US insurance major, Liberty Mutual. Show More

Is North Korea an Investment Risk?

Dr. Mary Manning

Korea is the epicentre of escalating geopolitical tensions between the US, China and North Korea yet the KOSPI Index is near all-time highs. EAI analyst Eric Fong recently visited Seoul and the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). The cosmetics and travel sectors remain poor risk/reward while the technology sector continues to offer... Show More

The Burgeoning Uranium Renaissance

Gavin Wendt

Anyone even remotely associated with the resource sector is well acquainted with the concept of patience. One interesting quote that probably sums up what’s required is as follows: “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” Nowhere is this more relevant... Show More

Anova Metals – Near term Carlin district gold producer

Mark Gordon

ASX listed Anova Metals Limited (ASX: AWV) has received the final approvals required to allow it to commence development at its Big Springs Gold Project, located in the Carlin District of Nevada, a well proven mining jurisdiction. The Project, which currently has mineable resources of 142,400oz in a total resource... Show More

Massive US Treasury Short Positions a Potential Boon for Gold

Gavin Wendt

As a follow up to my most recent commentary on gold and interest rates, I have attached what I consider to be two very interesting slides. The first relates to the net positioning of two of the most widely traded long-term US Treasury futures - 10-year and 5-year Treasuries. It... Show More

gold resources mining commodities hedge funds usa funds metals

Remembering the Forgotten Class - Gold Comes Up Trumps

Gavin Wendt

The Dow Jones at record levels doesn’t reflect a robust underlying economy - it’s in many respects a reflection of an equity market that’s simply pumped full of Fed-administered hot air. Many ordinary Americans haven’t enjoyed the fruits of a runaway sharemarket – in fact their situation has deteriorated. The... Show More

gold Federal Reserve inflation interest rates usa Trump

Incremental Oil & Gas (ASX: IOG) - Straw Hats in Winter

Gavin Wendt

Incremental Oil & Gas (ASX: IOG) represents a classic 'straw hats in winter play' within the context of what has over recent times been an out-of-favour energy sector. The baby has well and truly been thrown out with the bath water as far as the energy space is concerned, with... Show More

resources energy oil usa gas iog:au Incremental Oil & Gas

Anova Metals (ASX: AWV) - Under the Radar Gold Stock

Gavin Wendt

At a time when interest in gold continues to increase due to uncertainty surrounding the global economy, negative interest rates and a potential Brexit, Anova Metals is an emerging junior gold play that's so far gone under the radar as far as many domestic investors are concerned. The reason? The... Show More

gold mining usa exploration anova metals

An economist’s explanation of Donald Trump’s rise: Steen Jakobsen's view

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

How do we explain Donald Trump’s rise, the risk of a Brexit, the fact that Marie Le Pen stands a good chance of becoming France's next president, and the general situation of a political world in which all incumbents appear ready to be knocked off their stools? Simple, Dr. Watson!... Show More

politics usa geopolitical risk united states donald trump

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US Manufacturing Shows the Pressure

John Robertson

The manufacturing conditions index produced by the US Institute of Supply Management has remained in the sub-50 range for four consecutive months after passing through the critical “50” level in October. The chart shows swings in the ISM index and corresponding movements in the S&P 500 share price index... Show More

resources growth usa ism

US Homebuilders continue to outperform

QMG Insight

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Market Index for October came in at 64 - above the 62 consenus estimate and the highest reported number in a decade... This confidence indicator reinforces our positive stance on the sector which we have been highlighting all year... On top of the... Show More

growth usa Residential Construction homebuilders

US Economics - Sales and margins under pressure - continued price weakness

QMG Insight

With the release of CPI figures last week we have completed our September economic model for the USA…Overall price weakness is the area of key concern and the average year-on-year price increase across the QMG coverage universe (10 countries) is now -2.5% with the trend having been consistently negative across... Show More

usa united states Volumes pricing power


QMG Insight

QMG’s economic data collected from various US statistical agencies points to 3 areas of concern in the DIY Retailers space. These are 1) Negative trend in QMG Sales observations. This is driven by declining volumes and and we also observe an increase in costs… 2) Factors are lining up in... Show More

QMG data - Neutral for the USA however Volume growth remains encouraging

QMG Insight

Each month QMG runs a fact based research model over vast quantities of statistical data collected from government agencies. Our data-driven approach produces factual observations across 3 key drivers of corporate profitability – price, cost and volume. We have just completed our review of the July 2015 data from the... Show More

Kubota – Outlook remains positive and QMG data supportive

QMG Insight

North America construction remains a key catalyst, with solid demand for construction equipment on the back of positive momentum in the US housing market...Agricultural equipment remains under pressure based on the most recent QMG data, however volume trends are encouraging...Kubota’s Ag sales have not slowed in line with their peers.... Show More

japan construction usa Kubota Agricultural Machinery

Five things that will NOT happen in the next 6 months: Morphic's anti-forecasts, Part I - China and the US Dollar

Chad Slater

Yogi Berra reportedly said "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future". With that in mind the team here at Morphic each 6 months put together a list of events that we think won't happen as part of our Half Yearly report to investors. In many respects it is... Show More

equities China usa global equities us interest rates morphic

False start to the Fed’s rate hike cycle, says Saxo

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

Greece’s seeming descent into chaos at the end of the 2Q has fashioned an intensely uncertain framework casting markets at the mercy of headline risk. It is with that ever-changing caveat that Saxo Bank, the parent company of Saxo Capital Markets, has published its Q3 Outlook. Saxo’s investment outlook for... Show More

What’s my favourite sector going forward?

Nicholas Forsyth

Last night, US stocks had their largest fall in three weeks as strong economic data increased belief that the Fed will commence raising rates in 2015. I remain convinced that the US stock market will fall ~15% in 2015, note last night’s pullback does not represent a “blip” on the... Show More

“It’s defence time”, says Saxo Capital Markets’ Kay Van-Petersen

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

There are times for risk-on, go big or go home, and times for risk-off and play defence. Kay Van-Petersen (KVP), Asia Macro Strategist at Saxo Capital Markets, says “this is a time to play defence”. The theme of the moment is that there is an awful lot of uncertainty in... Show More