Sacrificing the Future

Jordan Eliseo

The recently released Economic outlook from the Carlyle Group, titled “The search for yield and business investment”, focused on why corporate investment has been so weak in the past few years, despite record low interest rates. With income streams from “safe” investments (cash and government bonds) at record lows, it... Show More

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The central banking endgame is approaching

BT Investment Management

We are now approaching the endgame, and things are changing. We are now squarely in the middle of a crisis of confidence, but crucially this is the big one - it's a crisis of confidence concerning the functioning of central banks and the entire fiat monetary system. The markets are... Show More

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How to navigate a low-interest rate, low-growth world

Peters MacGregor Capital Management

Emerging markets have soured along with the strong US$ and falling commodity prices. Europe is still thawing from the GFC, growth is slowing in China and US economic growth will labour below the long-term average due to the country’s high national debt and low interest rates. It’s important to remember... Show More

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Gold: Nothing has changed! Everything has changed

Jordan Eliseo

Gold has continued its impressive gains this week, with the price of the precious metal blowing through USD $1200 and AUD $1700 per ounce this week, within touching distance of its all time high in the local currency. Share-market volatility is obviously a driver, but does it really justify a... Show More

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5 drivers of the bond market meltdown

Livewire News

Bloomberg reports there are five key drivers of the recent bond market sell off (illustrating each with a chart). 1) The oil market – bonds were a favourite place to benefit from oil’s collapse. 2) Inflation – “Inflation in the euro zone stopped falling last month after going negative at... Show More

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication - Leonardo Da Vinci

Jordan Eliseo

It can't be easy being a diversified portfolio manager these days. Whilst several years of QE and ZIRP have buoyed both equity and fixed income markets, fears of rate hikes, margin compression and valuations that are already on the high side have many wondering what kind of returns will be... Show More

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It's encouraging to read a speech from a policy maker which so elegantly depicts the problems with the current Western approach to monetary policy

Chris Watling

It's encouraging to read a speech from a policy maker which so elegantly depicts the problems with the current Western approach to monetary policy. As Jaime Caruana, General Manager BIS (former Governor Bank of Spain), lays out in his recent speech, there are broadly speaking 2 understandings of the Western... Show More

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